Fredrick Töben says: [quoting whom?]


>>To Philosophy I owe my worldly ruin, 

and my Soul's prosperity<<



Now Norway has what Australia experienced on 28 April 1996

the Port Arthur Massacre - view clip 1 &

A lone gunman killed 35 persons.

Result: A tightening of Australian gun laws.


1. The following vieo clip allegedly uploaded by the self-confessed killer 

Anders Behring Breivik has been deleted by YouTube for 

offending against community standards.


2. The mindset behind the video spells out the new dialectic is between 

Nationalism and Internationalism with emphasis on traditional 

Christian European values, and the addition of the Masonic factor 

means this world view would include the Jewish-Talmudic factor, 

which means predatory capitalism also gets covered as a 

compromise to Internationalism/Globalism.


3. Ten years ago, on 9 September 2011, after the Capitalism/democracy-Communism

 dialectic lost its power, the new global dialectic was set between the 

free and democratic world and Muslim terrorism and attempts to enforce 

it saw numerous events occur that were clearly insider jobs, such as the 

2003 WMDs, 7/7 London bombings, the Bali bombings,

the recent Nigerian bombings, and others.


4. That the  9/11 dialectic failed to set the world aflame was admitted 

by the USA when it wrote out of the global dialectic script its 

own created protagonist, Osama bin Laden.


5. On 1 May 2011, which is Israel's Holocaust Memorial Day, 

US soldiers allegedly assassinated Osama bin Laden hiding in a 

Pakistan compound. It took the US war machine, the most powerful 

in the world, a decade to hunt down this most powerful terrorist. 

Something just does not add up here.


6. The dilemma faced by the neo-Marxist-liberal-politically correct

dictatorship that currently has the sway of world politics is

the refusal to confront the 1933-45 Adolf Hitler world view

without employing the usual stock of self-serving fabrications

and outright lies.


7. Any commentator on world politics, when proposing a new 

world order, who falls into the trap and continues to espouse

 World War Two propaganda, has lost the plot. 

Using shut-up words to stifle an open debate, such as 'hater',

 'Holocaust (climate-change) denier', 'antisemite', 'racist', 'Nazi', 

'xenophobe', will not be accepted by the younger generation that 

devours information via the Internet. 


8. The free flow of information enables them to develop their

 own world view where ideals such as beauty, truth, courage, honesty, 

honour, freedom, etc. are values of inspiration, as opposed to ugliness 

and playing the victim of dependence, thereby becoming an 

autark individual within a socially self-sustaining environment.


9. - and note how commentators are wielding out Adolf Hitler

and Nazism and extreme Nationalism in order to come to grips

with this Norwegian tragedy and to warn of the danger if

Nationalism re-emerges as a viable political alternative. 

After all, so runs the spin: 

Economic problems gave rise to Adolf Hitler 

- and that led to absolute evil and homicidal gas chambers!



Photoshop or real?

Think on these things 

NORWAY Friday 22 July 2011Anders Behring Breivik



Fredrick Töben 

- after the 8 July 2011 Federal Court of Australia hearing 

and before the 14-15 July 2011 

Australian College of Educator's 2011 National Conference -

highlighting two of Sydney's traditional iconic structures:


Harbour Bridge

Opera House


- and for the record: 

Steven Lewis, sometime Labor Party candidate, Wentworth, 

gloating he sentTöben to prison, and now in July 2010 

predicting he'll bankrupt Töben. 

View clip at 17.40




Farrakhan Blasts the "Coalition of Demons" attacking Libya 




Theodor Kellenter - Das Erbe Hitlers


A  BOOK DETAILING, among other things,


This was an attack on one of Judaism's most sacred dogma

The other was banning circumcision

Both are barbaric and not fit for a civilized society

The Holocaust-Shoah mythology is designed to deflect from such inhumane/uncivilized practises



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