THINKING IS A GODLY DUTY - but not only...





Think of the engineer who lies about critical building measurements.

Think of the Holocaust believer who said: 'but in my mind it was true'.

Think of the politician who said: 'I did not have sex with her...'

- Fredrick Töben - 



By all means marry; 

if you get a good wife, you'll become happy; 

if you get a bad one, you'll become a philosopher. 

- Socrates








Locked Bag 1

KWINNANA - WA - 6167



Appeal 13 December 2011 - click for material in pdf-form

The usual suspects with Legal Counsel, Dr John Walsh, 

after the two-hour Appeal on 13 December 2011.



'Now I know why the 'free-and-democratic western world' continues to pull out the Hitler-Nazi card: 

the current global economic situation is where it was during the early 20th century - predatory

capitalism needs another war and scapegoats need to be found, the most recent were Hussain of Iraq and

Ghadaffi of Libya, and now Iran is in their sight.' - Fredrick Töben. 


Here is a must-listen for those who wish to understand today’s world politics – the pattern is repeating itself:

…conquest, rape, extortion, tyrannical abuse, oppression, pillaging, … Their goals were always material in nature, 

though hidden beneath a cloak of noble ideals …religion … God then blessed them with material riches …  


Part 1:

Part 2:

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From: Fredrick Toben 
Sent: Thursday, 8 December 2011 11:48 PM
Subject: Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2012

Dears –

1. In my final email for 2011 let me briefly mention that after I defeated the July 2011 Bankruptcy Application three colleagues with whom I have been associating for some years decided to break contact with me, and they began to smear me on account of my obvious character deficiencies. Interestingly, each can claim to be a Jew on account of their mother’s religious affiliation.

I found this puzzling because although it cost me all up $75,000. to defeat the bankruptcy action I would have thought a small victory over a PRIME UGLY Jew is something to celebrate.

And now I get abuse heaped on to me with the snide remark that I should not have paid them the court costs but that I should have lost my home of 25 years, and all that attaches to a bankruptcy, namely that I would have been stopped from functioning. Such is life.

I also wish once again to thank the long-standing supporters of Adelaide Institute who made it possible for me to make this court-cost payment.

My final activity before the year ends will see me in Perth on 13 December 2011, there to attend the Brendon O’Connell Appeal. An update will appear, Insha’Allah, in an interview I shall have with Deanna Spingola on 14 December 2011

- 12-2 PM CST

her Radio schedule is at:

All the best to you and your loved ones for this new approaching year 2012 where the battle-of-the-wills continues to entice us into more action.

Fredrick Töben – Adelaide, Australia.


2. Two items follow below:

2.1. From Moscow Juergen Graf’s Epilogue on Lindtner, and 2.2. From London Michael Walsh’s information on WITNESS TO HISTORY:

2.1: The case of Dr Christian Lindtner: An Epilogue

Several people have enquired about the possible reasons of Lindtner’s about-face. Of course I cannot read another person’s mind, but in the case of Lindtner his motives seem to be pretty clear.

When I first met Dr Christian Lindtner in November 1997, he already was a Revisionist. He must still have been one nine years later because in December 2006 he not only attended the Teheran conference but even agreed to join a committee charged with the preparation of a second conference – which never materialized.

If the Revisionist arguments are indeed worthless, and if Revisionism is indeed chutzpah, as Lindnter now argues, why did it take him more than a decade to become aware of this fact? After all, he must have known the Goebbels diaries and the alleged Himmler speeches from the very beginning of his Revisionist activities, these sources being quoted so frequently in orthodox Holocaust literature that Lindtner cannot possibly pretend to have discovered them only recently.

Likewise, an ample exterminationist literature has existed for decades about the alleged huge slaughter of Jews in the East. For example, Die Truppe des Weltanschauungskrieges by Helmut Krausnick and Hans-Heinrich Wilhelm dates from 1981. So, why did Lindtner have to wait for the two Curilla books to discover that the Germans had killed millions of Jews in the occupied Soviet territories?

If revisionism is chutzpah, Dr Christian Lindtner, who has been an active revisionist for at least nine years, must really be a blockhead!

Ideologically, Lindtner was very close to National Socialism. As I learned from Siegfried Verbeke, he repeatedly took part in events organized by Florence Rost van Tonningen, an unabashed admirer of Adolf Hitler and wife of Meinoud Rost van Tonningen, 2nd leader of the National Socialist Movement in the Netherlands – NSB and President of the National Bank during the German occupation, 1941–1945” –  ref. Wikipedia. During our discussions in Copenhagen, Lindtner made some comments about the Jews which were so unflattering that I will not repeat them here.

Why this sudden about-face? The solution of the riddle is obvious. In his Swedish-language book, Hemligheten om Kristus, Hägglund Förlag, 2002, Lindtner claims to have discovered evidence that the figure of Jesus Christ is an invention of Buddhist missionaries. He knows that the media will not even discuss a thesis presented by a  Holocaust denier, so he desperately tries to get rid of this label and to become kosher by revoking his revisionist and pro-National Socialist views.

This proves that Lindtner, while undoubtedly a very intelligent man, has a shabby character. He reminds me of British historian David Irving, who is also extremely intelligent, but totally amoral – cf. my article,David Irving and the Aktion Reinhardt Camps –  see: .

The media will continue to ignore him. Many, if not most of his former Revisionist and right-wing comrades now thoroughly despise him. While he has lost many of his old friends, the only new ones he has made are probably the clown Roberto Mühlenkamp and his cronies from the Forum Holocaust Controversie. After all, the fact that a former professor of Sanscrit now writes on their website would greatly enhance the prestige of these individuals, if they had any prestige at all.

Jürgen Graf

8 December 2011




A European news story proving popular with the curious and those waiting to be converted is the growing internationalism of the New Right. Linked with Islamophobia, a liberal euphemism for rejecting the swamping of one’s culture, the emergence of the New Right is said to pose a greater threat than the national debt figures.

In Europe and throughout the world there is today an insatiable appetite for truth and a growing scepticism of the lies of the old crumbling post-war order. Might I recommend you, and indeed invite your recommendation of WITNESS TO HISTORY. It is my belief that anyone who even scans this book will see the web of post-war victors’ lying propaganda torn to shreds as they turn each page.

WITNESS TO HISTORY is guaranteed to have a far greater impact than the ground-breaking DID SIX MILLION REALLY DIE. There is a reason for this. DSM effectively dismantled the myth of the 6 million but that was just one myth leaving the other World War 2 myths untouched.

WITNESS TO HISTORY dismantles the entire post-war fabrications structure and presents the birth of National Socialism, its merits and its appeal as never before in just one book. Please give others the opportunity of dissembling the propaganda of the victor nations and their palace media. Thank you.


5th Palestine/Felestin/ Intifada Conference 

1-2 October 2011, Teheran, Iran

- off to the conference


- opening of 5th Palestine/Felestin Intifada Conference, Teheran

- The Supreme Leader states there is only one solution to the problem:

- a one-state solution for all Palestinians

- paying attention to what's going on

- ah, the Speaker's dinner offers nice chippies


- Mr Mostafa Afzalzadeha is aware of the problems created by the official Holocaust narrative

- friends of Islamic Republic of Iran

The interview that negates YouTube's action in terminating Fredrick Töben's account, 

see below, and click picture

- Marzieh Hashemi NASRTV and PRESS TV - click photo

- at PRESS TV - click photo


- Mr Vahid, a friend in need is a friend indeed

- Holocaust Committee meeting with Secretary-General Dr Ramin

- at Faculty of World Studies, University of Teheran 


- flying home

- and some pilots rest while others work






The Euro demise?



YOUTUBE  - it's pulled the plug on Töben 

From: YouTube Service [] 
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Subject: YouTube Video Notification

YouTube | Broadcast Yourself™  

Regarding your account: FredrickToben

The YouTube Community has flagged one or more of your videos as inappropriate. Once a video is flagged, it is reviewed by the YouTube Team against our Community Guidelines. Upon review, we have determined that the following video(s) contain content in violation of these guidelines, and have been disabled:

Because this is the third violation of the Community Guidelines in six months and you have received previous warnings, your account has now been terminated. Please be aware that you are prohibited from accessing, possessing or creating any other YouTube accounts.

For more information on YouTube's Community Guidelines and how they are enforced, please visit the Help Centre.

The YouTube Team

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From: Fredrick Toben <>
Date: Sat, Aug 27, 2011 at 3:28 AM
Subject: FW: YouTube Video Notification - end of the line for Toben's fiddle with You Tube
To: Michael <>

It’s finally happened……………….note the offending topic – we live in interesting times – and I can now relax and stop exciting those who fear the truth – the immature, the liars and slaves who have no home within their own minds because their world view is built on a lie – hence their frenzied and irrational feverish mind going in overdrive in order to control free thinkers by any means.

I sense Anthony Lawson may be the next because he is getting too close to the truth in matters 9/11 and other such insider jobs that benefit the racist, Zionist state of Israel, among others.

Did you notice the matter about that terrible Nigerian bombing and how this is aimed to divide Nigeria into southern Christian and northern Muslim states?

And guess what political power has become active in resource-rich Nigeria?

* Nigeria: Energy Sector - Israeli, Austrian Investors Explore Opportunities *

  Investors and representatives of governments of Israel and Austria

  recently gathered in Lagos to explore opportunities in Nigeria's

  energy and agricultural sector, at the instance of the International

  Strategic Alliance Committee (ISAC), a group of Nigerian professionals

  in Diaspora.

Then do some research and find out when Israel and Nigeria signed a security pact –

I sense another Libya coming on!


Fredrick Töben


From: Paul V. Sheridan [] 
Sent: Sunday, 28 August 2011 10:34 AM
To: Mark Graffis;;;
Subject: Re: YouTube Video Notification - end of the line for Toben's fiddle with You Tube

I am still waiting to hear who EXACTLY the "YouTube Community" really is?!


Sent: Sunday, 28 August 2011 3:12 PM
To: Fredrick Toben
Subject: Re: YouTube Video Notification - end of the line for Toben's fiddle with You Tube

On 27-Aug-11, at 7:00 PM, Fredrick Toben wrote:

Its members remain secretive and anonymous – that alone is their weakness because they fear public scrutiny –



Saturday 27 August 2011

President: Someone who unites with enemies’ plans, will not remain anything of its name in history but notoriety

President pointing that the regional states should together with their nation stand against arrogant powers, said that today adaptations and hidden actions will not conceal and no one can claims that is after achieving liberty and justice and the right of nations but behind the scenes or directly have involved in the criminal Zionists and the Americans .Regional states should be aware that if will be deceived by enemies and unites with their plans will not remain anything of their name in history but notoriety.

Speaking on the International Quds Day in the Iranian capital of Tehran on Friday, President Ahmadinejad said Zionist regime’s existence is not merely a threat to the Palestinian and the entire regional nations, rather its establishment and continued survival contrast interests, independence and dignity of all regional nations.

He said the prelude to establishment of the regime was lies and deception. “One of the big lies is the Holocaust fable.”

President added that this comes as raising questions about the philosophy of Zionist regime’s creation carries a punishment of prison sentence in Europe in order to silence the vocal opponents.
“In the United States and Europe, political figures can be criticized under the right to freedom of expression. Nevertheless, it is considered an unforgivable sin should someone question the creation of the Zionist regime. He will be confronted in the most bizarre manner,” he pointed out.
President Ahmadinejad added that arrogant powers, soon after the World War I and II, came to the conclusion that they had to outsource their problems, and to move their problems outside their borders. For that reason, they made a decision to create Zionist regime.

He reiterated, “The oppressor powers were initially after stabilizing the Zionist regime at the entire land of Palestine, but they faced defeat in the process. Today they are tactically speaking of two a governments’ solution, and if the establishment of a Palestinian Government would be a step towards the liberation of the entire Palestine in the long run, the Islamic Republic of Iran welcomes this initiative.”

President Ahmadinejad emphasized, “Everyone must be ware that demanding freedom, justice and the right to choose their fates must be in line with countering oppression and the Zionist regime. A supporter of freedom and justice cannot be at peace with the Zionist regime, whose foundations are set on injustice, oppression, and limitation of liberties.”

The president reiterated, “The nations that are after achieving liberty and justice should not due to these demands ignore the need to counter the Zionist regime, or the hegemonic tendencies of the westerners, but on the contrary, these tendencies, too, must be further fortified in their movements.”

He stressed that Zionist regime is the cornerstone of all imperialist and anti-human powers.

“The regime is the embodiment of all the characteristics of materialistic and capitalist powers in the West. It is the representation of all brutalities of the imperialist powers,” he went on to say.
President noted that Zionist regime is tasked with continually keeping the Middle East under threat, assassination, division and hypocrisy so that colonial powers can dominate the region.

He pointed out that among other missions of the Tel Aviv regime is to prevent the progress and sovereignty of the countries in the region.

“They (Zionist regime) launch their propaganda machine soon after a nation strives to reach the pinnacle of science and technology,” President Ahmadinejad commented.

The president reiterated that liberation of the Holy Qods and supporting the resistance movements would never be eliminated from the top priorities in Islamic Republic of Iran’s foreign policy.

The remarks by Iranian president came as millions of Iranians took to the streets in all Iranian cities across the country on the International Quds Day to voice support for the Palestinian nation against Zionist regime.

On 16 April 1997 Fredrick Töben at the Auschwitz Stammlager gallows 

where on 16 April 1947 the Anglo-American-Zionists hanged 46-year-old Rudolf Höss.


The Anglo-American-Zionist Empire on its last legs

Fredrick Töben says: [quoting whom?]


>>To Philosophy I owe my worldly ruin, 

and my Soul's prosperity<<



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